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Tips for Iguana and other Reptiles Care

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Live in either a cage or a glass terrarium with a tight-fitting screen over the top.
Cages are easier to move and clean, and they have better ventilation.
Need UV rays to stay healthy and active.
If does not get enough sunlight, use special reptile lamp or fluorescent light.
The best age to buy an iguana is 3 to 5 months old.
Are lizards and belong to the family of reptiles.
Hatch from eggs and female iguana lays 30-50 eggs.
Newborn: 7 inches long.
Adult: up to 7 feet, weight up to 8kg.
Cold-blooded, cannot make own body heat. Need external heat sources to keep warm.


Like a variety of foods.
Regularly feed them dark green leafy vegetables and fruits.
Need a lot of calcium in diet to help bones grow.
Need lots of fresh water to drink and “swim”.


The spine on an iguana’s tail is scales that stand up; helps to protect itself from enemies.
They will defend themselves by whipping their tails from side to side.
Tail is built to break in certain places and it will grow back!

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