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Cats Care Tips

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  • Like babies, kittens need plenty of rest.
  • Car travel in the first few days is not advisable. When necessary , please make sure your kitten is in a carry crate or safety harness.
  • A carry crate is important for visits to the vet.


  • Your kitten should be fed 3 meals daily with specially formulated kitten food.
  • PetsWonderland stock a wide range of scientifically formulated food with the correct balance of nutrients, vitamins & calcium vital for the development of your pet. We cater for different breeds, sizes & age.<br/>
    *Please do not hesitate to ask our staff for assistance.
  • When you take your new kitten home, please ensure it is on the same diet for at least 10 days. This prevents gastric problems associated with sudden change in diet.
  • This is also a condition of PetsWonderland health guarantee.
  • Your kitten also needs plenty of clean water.
  • Avoid giving your kitten milk & milk products as these may cause diarrhoea.


  • Wash your kitten with shampoo & conditioner when necessary.
  • Ears should be cleaned with ear cleaning solution.
  • Brush hair regularly to remove dirt & tangles.
  • Your kitten needs toys & training aids to ensure a happy & sociable personality.
  • Do not bath your kitten within 5 days of vaccination.

*Please ask our staff for information on tick & flea control.

**For your health guarantee to be valid, you must have your kitten seen by our Vet within 48 hours of purchase.

  • Please make an appointment through our staff, now.
  • It is important to maintain a vaccination program to develop the kitten‚ immune system.
  • Please discuss with our Vet for a suitable program for your kitten.
  • Your kitten‚ deworming program should be as follows:
  • Under 12 weeks old or every 2 weeks
  • After 12 weeks old or every 3 months.

*Please ask our staff for assistance in selection of treatment.

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