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Merchandising (About Us)


Pets Wonderland offers premium food, treats and accessories imported directly from 21 leading manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia. Besides a wide product offering, mostly not available at supermarkets and other pet stores, savings from direct factory purchases are passed to customers. To fulfill its pet-pampering customer needs, we source the imported kittens with highest quality and full pedigree papers from Australia, home-raised pure dog pedigree with MKA certifications, small animals from the Netherlands and reptiles from South America.


One of the best services that you can find in Pets Wonderland is our in-house vet. Aligned with our company’s mission—to focus on pet nutrition and health—we offers free consultation for dogs, cats, birds, small animals and exotics. We also never forget the important health check-up for puppies and kittens before they depart from our stores, as well as reminders for pet owners regarding the early-stage booster shots by our own veterinarian.
Grooming has been also one of our highlights. The glass-walled grooming stations provide customers to have a view on how pets are being groomed. With that said, pet owners can also drop off their pets for grooming while the family goes shopping around the mall.
The last but not the least, we do our best to make sure our customers are pleased and happy. Our staffs are trained and ready-to-provide the all-rounded services, including provided detail explanations to make sure customers understands what they are buying, making sure that customers do not purchase pets without forethoughts, or even making our best effort to transport big bags of pet food, furniture or sands to your car.