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During its years of operation, Pets Wonderland has achieved significant milestones, as well as great achievements.

  • First one-stop pet superstore for all pets lover in Malaysia.
  • First to kick-off the pet business with more than 10,000 SKUs in our superstore during the first years of operation
  • First to bring in a “mini-zoo” concept that consists of a mixed range of local and foreign pet supplies, as well as cuddly in-house livestock in our branches
  • First to brought awareness of pet business and retailing into Malaysia.
  • First to be well-known not only by the local residents, foreign expatriates, as well as overseas Royal families.
  • First pet company to be awarded by Superbrand International in 2005.
  • First pet company to be consecutively awarded by Superbrand Consumer Choice Award in 2006, after the Superbrand International award.
  • First pet company to operated more than 10 years and still establishing the name within the Klang Valley regions with the uplifted store concept in Puchong, IOI Mall